jeudi 12 mars 2009

Une nouvelle police d'écriture inventée par les anglais

Afin de vous faire réviser votre anglais, voici un petit texte qui présente l'arrivée d'une nouvelle police d'écriture pour faciliter la lecture aux dyslexiques et les empêcher d'inverser certaines lettres.
Enjoy !
(si vous avez des problèmes de vocabulaire, n'hésitez pas à nous demander).

New typeface to help with dyslexia

New typeface to help dyslexic children learn, designed by Natascha Frensch.
A new typeface designed to help children with dyslexia learn to read has been developed.
The Read Regular scheme avoids using letters that can be inverted or mirrored to look alike, and can be confusing to people with dyslexia. But it still looks like ordinary text.
The font was designed by Natascha Frensch from Delft, in the Netherlands. Ms Frensch, who has dyslexia, came up with the idea while studying at the Royal College of Arts in London.
She said: "The standard typeface works on a couple of shapes, like N and O, to create all the other 24 letters in the alphabet. While I was researching fonts I wondered why they should be so similar when the problem is distinguishing them from each other. I thought why not make each unique?
"By taking away all the extra details, and designing each letter from scratch individually, I find it easier to read. Altogether, this doesn't create as much visual distortion as normal typefaces do. When I open a book the characters can jump and distort; this helps cut down on that."

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  1. Well, this interesting text gives me various informations about this new typography for dialectic people. Thank you for giving us this explanation. Indeed, I am not aware of such things in my everyday life... So, you make me understand that it exists and it concerns a large number of people...